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"I purchased Kirby Sommers' Landlord Links and all the info she provides in one resource is a bargain." -Sam Chen

The Apartment Matchmaker Documentary: A sneak peek!

"The Apartment Matchmaker"documentary follows AptStar clients Frank Celenza and Luca Bernardis on their selected apartment hunting day. What happens when they use Kirby Sommers' unique apartment matchmaking techniques? STAY TUNED.




My goal is to make broker fees obsolete

"I'm the ultimate anti-broker! Want personalized help? Try my affordable "no fee" rental service I call "AptStar Program" and get happy like my clients." -Kirby Sommers, LandlordLinks.Net Founder


"Hi Kirby, I just wanted to say thank you for all the help and support your provided during my apartment search. Your AptStar service is amazing. With a limited time frame and an even more limited budget, I was surely a difficult case, but you succeeded in finding several apartments that met all my criteria. More importantly, you provided much needed advice and support, along with "pep talks" to get me motivated. You even went above and beyond to give me advice on selling my home in Louisiana. I really appreciate everything and am very excited to be starting my new job in my new NYC apartment!" -Susan Dumais


"5 words I would use to describe Kirby Sommers: A Woman of Her Word! I have recently moved over from Ireland and was quite panicked about the idea of finding an apartment inside the first five days. I accidentally stumbled upon Kirby and her AptStar Handholding Service. From the moment I first spoke with her she ensured me up front that I had nothing to worry about. She guaranteed that if we worked together I would find a nice place within a matter of days. I am pleased (and relieved) to say that Kirby was right and within three days of arriving I had the lease signed for my new apartment!" -Ian Fogarty


"Working with you has been great! I want to really thank you for your help throughout all the steps necessary before we even looked at apartments. You made the process much less stressful than it would have been if we were on my own. In such a competitive renter market in NYC, we can't believe you found us an awesome apartment in one day! I know I asked a lot of questions, but you were really patient with me. I just want to thank you again for taking us as your clients!" -Lucy Wang and husband Terrence Trevais

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"Hi, my name is Dan Zambrano, and today I signed my FIRST New York apartment lease, only ONE day after apartment hunting with Kirby Sommers' unconditional commitment via her AptStar Handholding Service. Kirby prepares you for the extremely competitive New York market, and was always one phone call away when uncertainty arose. Without Kirby, I am 100% sure I would not have the amazing place I can call HOME; (and her expertise got me UNDER budget! I am forever grateful and will continue to rant and rave my review to anyone looking for a apartment." - Dan Zambrano, Owner/Operator of DZ Productions LLC


"Kirby Sommers is the Queen of the Positive Apartment Search - her toolkit of what to do and say to be the winning applicant gets the job done with her AptStar Handholding Service." -Vicki Kramer Vicki Kramer Life Coach


"For anyone who has to go through the process of renting an apt in NYC, I would like to give you the best piece of advice possible. Hire Kirby Sommers for her AptStar Service!! I assume if you are on this site you have the same revulsion of paying a 15% brokers fee simply because someone opened a door for you. Based on NYC rents, this can be an awful lot of money!! Therefore, I decided that I would dedicate myself to the search process and felt quite confident that I would be able to find a good no fee apt in a brief period of time. Simply put...I was wrong. After spending numerous weeks of wasting my time with bait and switch broker tactics, no show meetings and discovering that certain landlords have notoriously bad reputations it became obvious that I needed help. I reached out to Kirby and am so grateful that I did. She was professional, knowledgeable and focused on finding the right space for me. As promised, Kirby identified an apt for me that was literally perfect!! Seriously. This took only 1 day to view listings as opposed to a constant scramble of phone calls, texts, e-mails and meetings. The time that I saved was in itself worth her fee. But the fact that I now have a beautiful, no fee apt from a solid landlord confirmed that hiring Kirby was one of the best investments I could make. Thanks Kirby!" -Chris Lautenslager



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